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This is what happens when experience rolls up its sleeves. When those who have been around the block aren’t afraid to still pound the pavement. At the place where access meets insight, potential becomes possible.

We partner with people who are making more than financial investments. They’re creating the world we want to live in.

At TrueBridge, we fund the future.

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Innovation investing is more than just capital. It’s perspective. It’s relationships. It’s trust gained over years of finding and funding people who are building and investing in technologies that will shape tomorrow. With decades of experience laser-focused on venture, TrueBridge is centered in the venture ecosystem and acts as a connector, collaborator, and advisor to the world’s best GPs, LPs, and founders.


We are long term partners and advocates for our limited partners, underlying managers, and portfolio companies.


Our long history in the business gives us unmatched access to identify and fund the best opportunities.


Strong relationships across the venture ecosystem give us insight into an ever-changing industry.


Over a century of collective experience and shared knowledge drives sharp judgement and better decisions.


We constantly work to build on our foundation and improve our platform.

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"TrueBridge and Pear both value genuine, hands-on relationships with our stakeholders. It’s this shared ability to roll up our sleeves that allows us to work well as partners."

Pejman Nozad

Pear Ventures

"We value the genuine relationship we have with TrueBridge – they really know us, our funds, and our companies, and are in a position to ask good questions and provide unique insight."

Brian Singerman

Founders Fund

"We are lucky enough to work with the smartest, most creative entrepreneurs today - our job is to provide them with resources and connections and feedback and let them loose to change the world. That is exactly what LPs like TrueBridge do for us."

Rich Wong


"Intelligence, a strong work ethic, and willingness to hustle define our culture and core ethos. We gravitate towards savvy partners like TrueBridge who share those values and commit themselves to helping us advance as a firm."

David Sacks


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